the mirror


via luigi martucci 79

80146 napoli




the mirror

guido acampa


december 16,2021-february 2022

from h12 to h18


the vision is individual


“exhibition and they find themselves under observation but maybe it just ended up in someone else’s mind. In the collective imagination, the mirror has always been linked to the theme of the double, the reflection or as a gateway to another dimension, so will it be a journey to somewhere else? Or here, now. All the hypotheses seem to have points of contact where technology expands the perception of the real place rather than embarking on virtual paths. ”


guido acampa experiments with methods of use through cinematic storytelling applied to new technologies. “In the Many Worlds – single viewer videodrama” in collaboration with Gabriele Frasca was the first project that introduced this research. He is currently collaborating on the Virtual Dance For Real People project with the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto in collaboration with Re-Lab design, development, and evaluation for human-machine interfaces. His first feature film “The Internal Front” is out





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